Christmas Trees - The Garden House (2)
Real trees stocked at The Garden House are grown by Emerald Trees who have been growing Christmas trees since 1989 in Wexford and Carlow. The trees that will add Christmas sparkle to homes in 2020 started life back in 2008; it takes 12 years to grow a tree from seed ready for harvest as a Christmas tree. The seeds from which Emerald Trees are grown are selected from proven sources, plants are hand graded and soils are specially cared for to ensure just the right consistency and pH levels to develop a beautiful Christmas centre piece. Trees spend four years in the nursery before being transplanted in the field where they are cared for, for a minimum of eight years. Over a 4 year period before harvest, the trees are subtly pruned, shaped and nurtured in the field. By controlling height and width nature is encouraged to produce an ideal Christmas tree for the home. Every September The Garden House team visit the growing fields and individually tag their trees to ensure the best possible quality. Tips on caring for live trees: The most important thing to remember about live Christmas trees is just that – they are “live” and should be treated like a cut flower. When you get home you should cut a sliver off the base of the trunk so that the tree can drink freely. If your prefer The Garden House staff will do it for you. Because the average temperature of our homes has risen by 10 degrees over the last 20 years it is essential to keep the tree watered. When you get your tree home, you should stand it outside, overnight, in a bucket of water allowing the tree to have a good drink. You would be amazed to see in the morning how much water will have been drunk by the tree. The Garden House stock a brilliant tree holder from Elho which allows the tree to drink continually from an integral water reservoir the entire time the tree is in the house. The water holder should be topped up once a week. These stands make life a lot easier and they really work.
  • To paraphrase the Duchess of Westminster who famously remarked that “You can never be to rich or too thin” – You cannot have enough lights on your tree. We recommend a 1500 light set for a 7.5ft tree. You should put your lights on first before the decorations. One of the tricks of the trade is to use a simple set of lights on the inside of the tree and to dress the outside of the tree with a more decorative set. This adds depth to the overall look of your tree.
  • Lights nowadays are all LED which means they have an extended lifespan, use less electricity, are safer and are more reliable. They come in two colour tones either: a Classic Warm White which has the glow of an old fashioned light set; or in Warm White which despite the name has a cooler tone of white. In addition there are micro LED light bulbs in warm white.