February Gardening Jobs

February Jobs in your Garden

February is the time of year when your garden begins to waken from its winter slumber. Buds begin to appear on trees and shrubs and spring bulbs start to pop up from the soil.

Feed the Birds

Birds will be particularly hungry this month so it’s a good time to fill up bird feeders and houses around your garden. It’s also a handy way of distracting the hungry birds from eating buds and bulbs around your garden.

Add Slow-Release Fertiliser

Adding slow-release feeds to your soil at this time of the year will mean the plants will have nutrients available to them just as they begin to grow in spring. Fertilisers such as Bone Meal, Fish Blood and Bone and Chicken Manure Pellets are excellent additions to the soil at this time of year.

Freshen up Planters

With spring in sight, now is a perfect time to revitalise your tired planters with some fresh compost, potted spring flowering bulbs and bedding plants such as primroses to give them a pop of colour.

Start Planting Summer Bulbs

Summer flowering bulbs will be in stock at this time of year and it’s a great time to both plan and plant which varieties you would like to add to your garden for a summer display. Tip - Choose varieties of bulbs that flower at different times of the summer to extend the flowering season in your garden.

Prepare Vegetable Beds

Vegetables will soon be in stock but this month is an opportunity to prepare the beds for vegetable planting. Vegetables generally like to have loose soil, full of organic matter. Now’s the time to get out the garden fork and give the soil a turn-over, adding well-rotted farmyard manure, garden soil, or compost (or a mixture of the three). This will do you vegetable bed a world of good for the growing season ahead.

Plant Fruit Trees and Bushes

Planting fruit trees and bushes this month will mean the plants will have had more time to begin rooting before spring kicks in. Remember when choosing certain fruiting trees and bushes that some require a pollinating partner to produce fruit (or extra fruit). Many of the fruit trees that we stock are self-pollinating, but they will produce even more fruit when planted close to a partnering variety.

Mulch Beds

Add a mulch of Farmyard Manure or Soil Conditioner to your beds to help feed the soil and retain moisture, as well as giving your tired beds a fresh look heading into spring.