Gardening jobs for late April and early May

Here are some tips to keep your garden in great condition at this time of year. April has been lovely so far weather-wise, so with plenty to do in the garden, pick the jobs you need to do on the day that suits the task best. e.g. if conditions are windy, ensure delicate plants are protected.

Top Garden Tips:

  • Prepare for growing season by mixing a layer of compost or well-rotted manure into your beds now.

  • Mulch around your perennials, shrubs and trees now before the warm weather arrives.

  • Feeding shrubs, trees and hedges now with a good fertiliser will pay dividends later in the Summer. Roses are hungry plants and will benefit from feeding now as they begin to grow.

  • Continue to plant perennials in the border or containers.

  • Any indoor flower bulbs like hyacinths and daffodils, which have now finished flowering fully, can be planted outdoors in garden borders.

  • Deadhead your daffodils and tulips as the flowering season finishes but leave the foliage intact so it can die back naturally.

  • Plants like Climbing Roses and Clematis will now be putting on growth, make sure to tie in new stems to train the plant along its support.

  • Check any tree ties to make sure the tie is not cutting into the trunk. If any seem a bit tight, make sure to loosen them allowing the trunk to expand when needed.

  • Weeds love his mild, dry weather which leads to a surge in weed growth. Keep an eye on the lawn, containers and borders to keep them at bay!

  • Start to sow tomato seeds indoors, ready to plant out in June after all risk of frost has passed.

  • Keep an eye on your houseplants – the warmer weather and longer daylight hours encourages them to grow and they may need more water or check if any are pot bound and need re-potting to a larger container.

Time to take care of the lawn, if you’re unsure what to do see our blog on Lawn Care advice for help.