Cafe Extension
We’re delighted to announce the expansion of The Garden House Café. Works start on July 1st for 2 weeks and, because we’re upgrading our kitchen as well as making our café bigger and better, we will be serving a limited 'Veranda Menu' (see below) from July 1st to 16th. Otherwise, it’s business as usual for the duration with normal café opening hours. We’d like to apologise to our customers about any inconvenience during the works, but we promise you the results will be worth it!

The Veranda Menu

Soup €6.95

Sandwiches (with one salad) Italian on ciabatta €8.95 Goats cheese on ciabatta €8.95 Smoked salmon bap €8.95 Ham & egg on granary €8.95 Caesar salad on granary €8.95 Toasted ham and cheese on baguette €7.95

Twice baked potato (with one salad) €9.95 Quiche (with one salad) €9.95

Salads per serving €2.95 Mango/Broccoli/Fennel and feta /Salad leaves