The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Caring for a Real Christmas Trees
Planning on purchasing a live Christmas tree this year? With our real Christmas trees arriving in store from November 25th, we have put together a few tips on how to choose and care for your tree, to ensure you have the perfect live tree all Christmas long. Choose the correct size tree: Measure the ceiling height of the room you’re placing it in and don’t forget to take into account your star/angel that will be going on top of the tree too! Measure the width of space you have available for the tree too, as some tree varieties are wider than others. It is also a good idea to bring your tree stand with you to ensure your tree will fit perfectly. Pick the freshest: Check that the branches and needles look fresh and are firm by firmly holding the foliage. If you’re still unsure which tree to pick, ask your seller what type of trees they have, when they were harvested and which types have good needle retention. At The Garden House, our team will give you expert advice to ensure you find the best tree for you and your home. Now that you have picked the perfect tree you want to ensure it lasts throughout the whole Christmas holiday. Tree placement, hydration can have a huge impact on the appearance and life span of your tree. Water your tree: You should water your tree from the base daily, as watering your tree not only ensures longevity but it is also safer for your home. This is because an un-watered tree can dry out, and will burn significantly quicker than one that’s hydrated. And considering they’re draped in strings of festive lights for long periods of time, starting a small electrical fire isn’t entirely out of the realms of possibility. Where to put it: The placement of your tree can also affect its life span significantly. There’s nothing more festive than twinkling Christmas tree beside a roaring fire. However, if you want your tree to last long it’s best to avoid placing your tree too close to heat sources as this will cause the tree to dry out a lot quicker. Now that you have your tree covered, what about your decorations? We have an incredible range of decorations, all available to shop online, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your all needs. Or if you prefer the hassle free alternative of an artificial tree, we also have a variety of realistic and high quality artificial trees all available on our online shop. Our collection of real Christmas trees will be in store from 25th November.