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Universal Electric Lantern Heater 50cmUniversal Electric Lantern Heater 50cm
Universal Electric Lantern Heater 65cmUniversal Electric Lantern Heater 65cm
Kettler Kalos Universal Heater Pendant
Metal Chiminea
Metal Chiminea
Sale priceFrom €199.99
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Plush Tabletop Electric HeaterPlush Tabletop Electric Heater
Plush Tabletop Electric Heater
Sale price€225.00
Universal Tabletop Garden HeaterUniversal Tabletop Garden Heater
Universal Tabletop Garden Heater
Sale price€225.00
Plush Pendant Electric Heater
Plush Pendant Electric Heater
Sale price€275.00
Kalos Copper Lantern HeaterKalos Copper Lantern Heater
Kalos Copper Lantern Heater
Sale price€275.00
Kettler Kalos Universal Floor Standing Lamp from TheGardenHouse.ie
Kettler Kalos Plush Floor Standing Heater from TheGardenHouse.ie
Kettler Kalos Universal Fire Pit Square 52cm
Kettler Palma Corner Set with Fire Pit Table
Kettler Palma Sofa Set with Fire Pit TableKettler Palma Sofa Set with Fire Pit Table