Garden Design Practicalities

Some things to consider

When thinking about your garden design, be aware of a few key factors which will have an impact.

  1. Before you visit us, take some photos of your garden from different angles.
  2. Take some basic garden measurements.
  3. Bring in a small soil sample.
  4. Finally, note where and when the sun shines on your garden.

These four things will help us to quickly understand your gardening needs and we can provide tailored advice on the design, planting and structure of your garden. Fill in the form and we will email you some tips before your visit.

Knowing whether you have heavy, sandy or clay soil means we can advise on plants best suited to your garden. Even then, you can add pots with a different soil mix, such as an ericaceous compost, allowing you to grow camellias or rhododendrons as part of your garden design.

Once we know the situation and aspect of your garden we can advise on the correct flowers and shrubs for either an exposed or sheltered garden. We can help you plant appropriately for your garden whether it is predominantly in sun or shade. Come in and ask us, we are here to help.

Uses of the garden
Do you plan to use the garden for entertaining, for growing your own vegetables, for dining and cooking outdoors, a calm area to escape to or a bit of everything? Are there children using the garden regularly? Are there pets in the home to consider?

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