Here are some practical issues to consider when choosing outdoor dining furniture;

  • Size and shape of your patio. If it’s a narrow and long patio then a rectangular set will suit best
  • When choosing the number of chairs think about how many are in your family but don’t forget likely invited friends!
  • All of us will be inclined to choose a sunny location for our furniture, also consider the shading you may require. The direction of the sun will influence what type and shape of parasol will suit you best.
  • How you will use the furniture? Will you just use it for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, or will you eat a full meal at it. After you have eaten will you linger at the table. These factors will help you choose the best size and type of table and number of chairs. Remember, if you plan on staying on at the table after you have eaten you will need a more relaxing type of chair.
  • Think whether you prefer wicker, metal or resin furniture.
  • Is the furniture light enough to move around on your own if you want to follow the sun
  • Is your garden exposed and windy. Are you beside the sea.
  • Do you want stacking chairs?
  • If you plan to leave the furniture out in Winter, we advise you get protective covers.
  • Do you want heating – if so electric or a real log fire.
  • Don’t forget to sit on the chairs before you buy!
  • Finally, decide on your budget.

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