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    Weber Master-touch slate grey
    Weber master-touch black
    329.99 299.00

    Weber Master-Touch GBS BBQ 57cm

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    RRP €329.99 our price €299.99, saving €30!

    Open up a world of opportunity with the new Weber Master-Touch® GBS® BBQ  57cm. The menu has been planned and the details considered. It’s time to light the briquettes, pour drinks, and anticipate the sound of sizzling meat placed on a hot cooking grate. The ritual of charcoal barbecuing meets the innovative features and wow factor of the Master-Touch GBS charcoal barbecue.

    The Gourmet BBQ System grate allows you to add a number of accessories such as wok, griddle and sear grate to increase the range of dishes you can cook (accessories available separately). Available in  Black or Slate Grey. Key Features:
    • Infinite cooking possibilities with the GBS® cooking grate
    • Rust proof and chip resistant with premium grade steel
    • Hassle free ash disposal with One-Touch® cleaning system
    • Charcoal Barbecue
    Dimensions: (H) x (W) x (D): 107cm X 61cm X 75cm
    329.99 299.00
    329.99 299.00
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    weber q2200 bbq
    weber q2200 bbq
    449.00 299.00

    Weber® Q™2200

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    RRP €449, our price €299.99, save €150! The Q®2200 gas barbecue is available with a convenient cart making it easy to move in and out of storage. The cart comes with a screen and support for a gas canister making it simple to store both the barbecue and gas. The Q®2200 is a compact barbecue with a surprisingly large cooking area. It is perfect for families and small parties, able to cook for up to eight people at one time. Key Features of the Q®2200
    • Integrated cart with useful space for prepping food
    • Two-piece cast iron cooking grates
    • Simple and fast ignition
    • 5 year limited warranty.
    • Lightweight lid and body are cast aluminium.
    • One stainless steel burner.
    • Tall lid with built in thermometer.
    • Built in carry handles.
    • Fold down tables with hooks makes storing the Q® easy.
    • Quick start. The electronic ignition starts the Q® quickly and easily.
    • 2-piece cast iron cooking grate is porcelain-enamelled and conducts heat evenly across the entire surface.
    • Easy to clean. Fat and food residue are collected in a removable drip tray.
    • Infinite control burner valve.
    • Heat resistant glass-reinforced nylon frame.
    • Stylish stand with gas bottle screen.
    • Gas consumption in kw/h – 3.51.
    • Ideal for roasting, baking and grilling.
    • Cooks for approx. 6 people.
    449.00 299.00
    449.00 299.00
  • Q1000_Titanium_Balcony

    Weber Q1200 BBQ

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    Weber® Q™1200

    Go hiking in nature with a barbecue as vibrant as the scenery. Travel on or off the beaten path, camp in the woods or near the shore. Explore the world with big taste and your Q 1200 portable gas bbq by your side.

      Warranty Cast aluminium components – 5 years Burners/element, Ignition, Cooking grate & all other parts – 2 years   Dimensions: (H) 62.5cm x (W)104cm x (D) 52cm