Westland Houseplant Mist, Leaf Shine & Strengthener

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Westland Houseplant Mist & Leaf Shine is the ultimate 2 in 1 solution for plants.  It contains essential nutrients and a natural plant resistance elicitor, thus giving your plants a healthy and glossy foliage.  As well as improving the look and health of your plant, it also naturally helps plants to better withstand attacks from pests.  The healthy growth of the plant is optimised by the mist, therefore leaves are kept shiny, fresh and hydrated.  So get spraying!

  • Optimises healthy plant growth & keeps leaves fresh & hydrated.
  • Contains essential nutrients & a natural plant elicitor to help boost plant immunity,  and better withstand attack from pests.
  • Mist action creates an ideal microclimate for plants to thrive.
  • Perfect for all ornamental and edible indoor plants.
  • Size: 250ml.