Top January Garden Tips

Top January Garden Tips
January 14, 2020 The Garden House
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Top 10 things to do during January in your Garden:

  1. Plan what Herbs, Flowers and Plants you want to cultivate in your garden this year.
  2. Source and buy seeds and bulbs.
  3. Remove dead leaves, they have protected your plants, but can also harbour slugs.
  4. Keep birdfeeders and tables well stocked and put out water regularly in freezing temperatures.
  5. Don’t walk on your lawn on frosty mornings – you can damage the grass this way.
  6. Clean out pots, seed trays and your greenhouse ready for spring.
  7. Winter prune your apple and pear trees and make sure to burn anything showing signs of disease.
  8. Don’t leave delicate houseplants on windowsills behind the curtains on any frosty nights or they may suffer.
  9. If your Christmas cactus didn’t bloom, it may be too warm, try placing it somewhere cooler or away from light sources at night.
  10. Place Hyacinths in a cool, bright place in the home. If it’s too warm, the leaves will elongate and the flowers will fade quickly.

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