In simple terms you could describe The Garden House as a garden centre with a café. Such a description fails to tell who we really are. 

We do so many different things that it’s difficult to define The Garden House. From our garden centre DNA to our home interiors and accessories range to our bustling café, there are many strings to our bow. 

The common thread that links it all together? A passion for what we do, and a commitment to delivering customer delight.

We are a team of people who believe first and foremost that our business is about people. It is centred on both our customers and our staff. People do not do business with inanimate corporations, they do business with people. 

A wise American once said to Bryan, “Bryan I will never remember exactly what you said to me, but I will always remember how you made me feel”

Our goal is to provide people with an enjoyable and fun experience whether in the café, in the garden centre, in our home and lifestyle store or shopping online.

As a team and as individuals we strive to be the best we can be – everything else follows from that. When we make a mistake or disappoint someone we don’t hide it, we “own up” and sort it. We stock quality products, sell them at a fair price and stand over what we sell. 

We have one cardinal customer service rule “ treat the customer in the way you yourself would like to be treated as a customer.” 

If you treat people with respect they respond in kind.

We want our customers to succeed and to enjoy their gardens and homes. We want a relationship with them and see them as lifetime customers.

Bryan Maher