The garden house fragrance

Creams and lotions for dry hands

Because gardeners often suffer from dry hands, we carry an assortment of creams and lotions to ease their discomfort! They make thoughtful gifts for gardeners and are available in a section of brands and scents.

Naturally European Hand Cream is one we recommend as rich in shea butter and once you’ve tried it, there really is no going back! It comes in six different variants like neroli and tangerine or ginger and lime and they offer additional ranges of body lotions and shower gels too.

Castelbel are a Portuguese range of really great soaps.  They offer a myriad of exquisite fragrances but lavender is our best selling one because of its soothing calming properties. Whilst they pride themselves on their soaps they bring that quality through to their candles, scented sachets and hand creams to provide a full product series. 

Scented Candles

We stock a number of great quality candles and scents in The Garden House. Come and delight in the fragrant ranges we offer. We  offer affordable luxury with our ranges which also make excellent gifts.

Paddywax: an artisan American candle company whose products are made using eco principles and recycled materials in the most delicious scent combinations from salted grapefruit to lavender and thyme, our customers say they smell good enough to eat!

Durance is a French brand offering a hint of perfume in your home. They offer candles and diffusers in garden flavours, unlike the reed diffusers that everyone loves. Their diffuser works via a petal with a wick which diffuses the scent around your home in a visually interesting way.

Purcell & Woodcock is a new Irish homeware company focussing on a select range of luxury candles and diffusers to enrich your life and we are proud to support them.

Brooke & Shoals are another young Irish company who make wonderful scented candles which are natural and handmade. They have quite a following for their sophisticated fragrances that create lasting aromas.  In fact their fabulous limited edition Christmas candle is so popular, it has a waiting list.