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Glatz Sombrano Free Arm Parasol Vanilla

Size: 3.5m
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Glatz, Switzerland are known for their innovative ideas. Glatz represents high precision, reliability and outstanding quality, thanks to the production of their products using high quality materials and technology.
This Sombrano Free Arm Parasol is a premium garden furniture accessory. It is the first free arm parasol that opens automatically and aligns itself horizontally when the crank is turned. Thanks to the tilting rod, the canopy can be tilted up to 54° on both sides. It can also be turned easily 360° on its axis.


  • Parasol can be tilted up to 54° on both sides.
  • Pole can be turned by 360°.
  • Crank mechanism is self locking.
  • Available in 2 sizes: 3.5m & 4m x 3m.
  • Includes 120kg parasol base & protective cover.

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