Gro-Sure Visiroot Windowsill Propagator

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This Gro-Sure Visiroot Windowsill Propagator is ideal for growing seeds and cuttings on your windowsill. It has modular cells for growing different seed varieties so you can maximise your growing. The transparent RPET cells make it easy to check root growth and moisture levels which means you don’t have to disturb the plant. Use year after year for each growing season.

  • This set includes 5 x 4 cell trays, 1 x drip tray and 1 x propagator lid.
  • Modular cells for different seed varieties.
  • Easy to check root growth.
  • Complete with drip tray and propagator lid.
  • Use year after year.
  • Made from RPET – easy to recycle at home.
  • Ideal for growing seeds and cuttings on windowsills.
  • Size: - H 7.2cm x W 54.2cm x D 15.7cm